Review: The Talos Principle (Wordsworth Classics)



As cheap versions of classics go, the Wordsworth editions are usually quite decent. The quality of the paper is not superb, the fonts are a little small, but none of it ruins the book. If you don’t fetishize books as objects in themselves, and want an affordable edition of Straton, this is really OK. I’ve read some of my favourite books in Wordsworth Classics editions.

The introduction is simple and straightforward, the annotations limited but at least not offensive, and the translation, while archaic, is very pleasant. I can’t claim Straton would be amazed, but he’d probably be satisified. Especially at these prices!

(Apologies for the shitty image, but it seems there aren’t any Wordsworth covers in normal quality to be found on the internet. These editions aren’t exactly famous for their good looks, anyway, though I find them charming.)