I remember being shown a documentary about Straton of Stageira in school. It was one of those old cheesy 70s things that I used to make fun of and that I now realize are a thousand times better than having Oprah Winfrey blathering about Nature for two hours.

I think it was called The Talos Principle, or maybe The Mystery of the Talos Principle or something like that. I haven’t been able to find any mention of it online, and the teacher who showed it to us doesn’t seem to be on Facebook (not much of a surprise there). I have no idea who produced it, wrote it, directed it… I just remember seeing some shaky 70s video of the ruins of Ancient Stageira and a narrator explaining how little we know about Straton himself.

If any of you happen to have any information about it, or even own a copy, please let me know.


7 thoughts on “Documentary?

  1. Is this what you were looking for?

    Yeah, I know – I was shocked that such a movie actually existed, since I thought you might have been a Croteam developer in disguise 😛

    At least the game seems to have dug poor Straton out of obscurity somewhat.


  2. Uhhhh, after watching this “documentary”, one can’t help but notice pictures of the Croteam devs, among the voice of Elohim, some text referencing the game and THAT SAME IMAGE OF THAT “THE TALOS PRINCIPLE” BOOK BY PENGUIN BOOKS FROM THIS BLOG. What??? IS THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL OWNER SOMEONE FROM CROTEAM? DID CROTEAM ORCHESTRATE ALL THIS? IS THIS ALL PART OF A PURPOSE GREATER THAN OURSELVES??? ARE YOU THE SERPENT, BLOG OWNER?


    1. Jonas Kyratzes is responsible for the production of the voiced characters and written texts, but not the interactive texts, which is what I’m here for.

      I’m sure you can fill in the empty spaces. Maybe he’s leading a double life.


  3. “Oxyrhynchus Documentaries”, really? A reference to the Oxyrhynchus Papyri, which were coincidentally in some archive files in the game? Some nice ARG you’ve created Croteam!


  4. Looks like someone chopped up the original documentary to use as a promotional tool? Some kind of viral advertising or whatever the hell they call it. Not sure I like that idea. Maybe they own the rights?


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